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7 Step’s to God’s Glorious Freedom


by Pastor Howard Wright

Have you ever longed for a book that makes sense out of life’s non-senses? Do you need spiritual help? Would you trust someone who has walked with God for over 50 years to lead you into a loving, personal relationship with your Creator-Redeemer God? The author of this book is such a person. He has walked with God for over 50 years. His book is set up in such a way as to guide you around the treacherous lies that can confront in your daily life. He is sharing his own spiritual journey as a guide for you. Get the book and follow its 7 Steps to God’s Glorious Freedom. You will be eternally grateful you took the 7 steps out of sinful bondage into God’s glorious freedom. This is the book you have been waiting for all your life! Each page is jam-packed with light from God’s Holy Word.

Price- $22.99

About this eBook

There is something for everyone. Whether you are a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian of several years, like the author of this book, or someone wanting to know the answers to the hard questions of life, you will not be disappoint. The beautiful thing about the arrangement of this book is when you do the work, good results follow without fail. Life takes on a whole new sense of well-being. You enter an adventure with the true and living God that gets bigger and better every moment.

You start at the bottom of a “ladder” that takes you out of sinful bondage into God’s glorious freedom. Each “step” is self-contained. When you have completed one step you are ready for the next.

A number of methods are used to help you understand subjects under investigation. You will see unique graphs that simplify complex concepts. There are questions for you to answer and “Applications to This Truth” for you to study and do. Searching questions make you think and get in the right frame of mind for the topic being explored. You are taken by the hand and coaxed along as you climb up the “ladder” leading to God’s glorious freedom. Sometimes you will be encouraged to dig out the answers to questions. This helps you gain experience in thinking thing through on your own.


Pastor Howard Wright

Howard Eugene Wright is a born-again spirit-filled Christian of 58 years, an ongoing author of Bible-based Christ-centered Christian books and an Expert Author on He pastored USA churches for 36 years, helped start an annual Christian Workers Convention where he ministered for 6 years in Uganda, E Africa and is founder of International Lighthouse Ministries. He has minors in Earth and Biological Sciences and a major in Small-Group Speech-Communications from the University of Minnesota and a Masters degree in Christian Clinical Counseling from Cornerstone University.

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