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Overcoming Evil -The Spiritual Warfare Training Course



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Overcoming Evil contains the complete eight lesson Spiritual Warfare Training Course offered by The Joseph Plan.

You can become an over-comer over all. This spiritual warfare book will change your life.

If you wish to become a spiritual warrior for Christ and want TO LEARN the art of spiritual warfare, this book contains it all. The eight lessons will provide you with all the basic information you will need to protect yourself and your family from the demonic.

The textbook we use is the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual, which is an ebook also. It is available in our bookstore or at Amazon Kindle.

It comes to you as an ebook that you can download into your computer or reading device.

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It is taught by Pastor Thomas Holm and includes some guest teachings.

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About this eBook

Overcoming Evil is a complete collection of the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Training offered by the Joseph Plan. It contains all eight Training Lessons. The complete training is contained in this one spiritual warfare book.

If you wish to become a spiritual warrior for Christ and want TO LEARN the art of spiritual warfare, you are invited to sign up with the below form. You will be sent a series of  eight lessons, once every five days. In just Forty Days you will receive the complete teaching.

This education series IS  for you if you are interested in becoming free of all the demonic in your life and empowered by Christ to take dominion over all evil. This is not a counseling course. It is a free education series of The Joseph Plan to help raise up spiritual warriors for Christ that can then go on to help others in need. This is a free service of The Joseph Plan and open to all adult, mature Christians.

The training course consists of eight 10-20 page lessons that you will be sent every 5 days. The textbook we use is the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual, which is an ebook. It is available in our bookstore or at Amazon Kindle.  All those who complete this training successfully will be invited to participate in our private discussion forum. A place where each of us will be able to share our experiences and ask the Big questions we are dealing with. It is not a counseling center however.

It is taught by Pastor Thomas and includes some guest teachings.

Pastor Thomas Holm

Thomas Holm is a born again and spirit filled minister/pastor of The Joseph Plan and author of “Break the Bondage of Fear” and the “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual”. He was ordained as a Care Pastor> He is a Christian minister, pastor, researcher and spiritual warfare teacher. Thomas and his wife Kate live in a small town in the mountains of Arizona. Thomas has served in Christian ministry since 1999 in Arizona. He served the Lord first as a recovery, trauma and Care pastor and Christian pastoral consular. An “on the street” minister and bible teacher. He was then moved by the Lord to evangelism and an outreach ministry called ThirdStep, that was formed in 2003 and reached hundreds of thousands of the lost for Christ over the next seven plus years. The Joseph Plan was called and formed in 2011 and continues today.

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4 reviews for Overcoming Evil -The Spiritual Warfare Training Course

  1. Thomas

    Mareen wrote the ministry about her experiences this past week. Thank-you Jesus!

    Hi Pastor and everyone. I just finished the spiritual warfare class. I learned so much from this class. These are the teachings that the world needs today. I truly believe if this was being taught in all the churches many people would not be in the state that they currently are.

    This is my testimony of the wonderful power of God: Wednesday night, my four year old grandson was playing with his blanket, slipped and fell flat on his mouth. (He fell on hard wood flooring) Blood was everywhere and his gums were busted so badly you could see his two front teeth roots. My son brought him upstairs to me. I looked in his mouth and could see all the damage. I took him into the bathroom and started rising his mouth. When I could finally see how bad the situation really was I started to pray for him. I told my daughter and soon in law to take him to the emergency room. I just knew they were going to take his teeth out because they were very loose.
    As they prepared to go to the hospital, I put my hand over his mouth and began to pray and plead the blood of Jesus. After I finished praying, I told him to say thank you Jesus. They left. I continued to pray. After about five minutes of prayer, God showed me his mouth healed. I still continued to pray for another ten minutes. God continued to show me his mouth healed.

    About 30 minutes later, I hear them come through the door. My grandson was running around like nothing had happened with his teeth! The cut in the gums was no longer there!! I asked my daughter what happened, she said: When we got to the hospital it was gone! You can imagine how I started jumping up and down praising God!

    The Dr at the e.r. said he would be fine after about three days. To just do salt water rinses so infection would not come. The next day he had a dental appt and the dentist said he was ok except for the bruising/slight swelling.
    Thank you Jesus the Power of the Blood! What an amazing God we serve!

    Do you have a story or testimony to share?

  2. Thomas

    Annie wrote:

    Jack and I have taken the training also and it has significantly changed our lives. It was that poweerful.

    Your sister in Christ.

  3. Thomas

    Spencer wrote:

    About six weeks ago I discovered this treasure chest called The Joseph Plan.

    I want to thank all who do the work to make this wonderful ministry work.

    God revealed a lot of truths to me as I read. Truths about myself that I now understand are causing me and my family a lot of pain and hardship.

    Pastor, I had demons. Boy, did I have demons. Some I brought on my self and some that were past down through generations. Thank-you for all the work that went into the email training. It has changed this mans life and been a total blessing to my wife and our five children.

    I think I’m finally figuring it out what it means to be a man of God.

    Blessings to all.

  4. Thomas

    Polly Walker wrote:

    Hi Pastor Holm,
    I believed that God has lead me to your web site and the reason why I believe that is because all My life I have been physically attacked by demonic spirits. I am a true Christian, I gave my life to the Lord when I was 30 years old. It’s really been an up and down journey , with many tests, but I’ve never gave up on God nor will I ever.

    The morning I went on your web site , I spend my time with the Lord. I laid down cause it had been a very trying weekend with my family , who are unsaved. I was sleeping and then all of sudden I felt a spirit come over me in a sexual way. All of a sudden I was having sexual thoughts and when I realize I was being sexually attacked by a demonic spirit, I called out to Jesus for help. The spirit left, but it left me feeling very dirty and sad.

    I was upset with the Lord, because I didn’t understand why he let this happen, when his Words clearly say he protects those that are His. I told him enough is enough, I’m tired of being physically attacked. I asked Him what powerful prayers I can say to stop Satan and his demonic goons. He spoke in my spirit and directed me to go on line. That is where I found a lot of Christian site’s and I asked the Lord which one He wanted me to go to.

    He directed me to The Joseph Plan and I found the keys he was giving me. I prayed the deliverance prayer and when I said all those prayers I felt such a great lifting of heaviness off of me. I felt free! Sinse I have been doing your lessons each day and week, I am getting stronger and stronger in the Lord.

    My printer don’t work, so I have to write out those lessons every week. That’s a lot of writing, but I want those to add to my library in case any of my children are left behind. They all have gotten away from the Lord. My grandson came to me and told me he is not allowed to say the name of Jesus or pray to Jesus in his school , and that the school has been teaching the children to pray to the Islamic god, Allah. I pray over him , and I told him to tell his parents.

    I will buy that manual from Amazon cause I don’t have pay pal. I wish it was in paper form , but that’s ok.

    God bless you and your family. I will share your teaching with those on my church lady page. I am thinking of taking classes to become a minister. People keep telling me I should. I do have a lot of spiritual gifts that I’ve used for God’s glory and to help others.

    I just wanted peace and am finding so much more.

    “The greatest thing I love about Jesus is the truth.”

    God Bless,
    Polly Walker

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