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The Church That Satan’s Slaves Built



by Pastor Howard Wright

In this book you will find a unique approach to doing spiritual warfare. It starts with a call to repentance and a resolution to do battle using God’s weapon for spiritual warfare. You are sure to win the spiritual battles in your life by using the principles listed in this book.

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About this eBook

Are you tired of being a part of a “church” that defies God and His Holy Word? Would you like to have the truth about how the devil has infiltrated Jesus’ True Church? Do you feel enslaved in a church that has no power to help anyone? Does a book that will help you overcome the world, the flesh and the devil sound good to you? If so, then “The Church That Satan’s Slaves Built” is for you!

The shocking truth found in “The Church That Satan’s Slaves’ Built” will equip you to resist the crafty temptations that lead you into actions that compromise your God-given convictions.

When Satan and his slaves infiltrated Jesus’ Church, it was needful for Jesus’ True Church to resist the temptations. The value of this book is, it not only gives the temptations to compromise, but also gives the ways to resist them.

You will be surprised as to how Satan’s Slaves’ Church has developed over thousands of years in a step-by-step fashion.

Pastor Howard Wright

Howard Eugene Wright is a born-again spirit-filled Christian of 58 years, an ongoing author of Bible-based Christ-centered Christian books and an Expert Author on He pastored USA churches for 36 years, helped start an annual Christian Workers Convention where he ministered for 6 years in Uganda, E Africa and is founder of International Lighthouse Ministries. He has minors in Earth and Biological Sciences and a major in Small-Group Speech-Communications from the University of Minnesota and a Masters degree in Christian Clinical Counseling from Cornerstone University.

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